Plywood base ready for track installing

Now the plywood base sheet and the high level plywood base in cut and glued together, ready to start installing the track on low level.

The layout drawing is printed directly from the 3rdPlanIt in scale 1:1 on several A4-pages and glued together with tape, to be used as a guide.

The level distance between low- and high level is planned to be 80 mm. After installing the track on lower level, I can fix the high level plywood and continue the tracklaying on high level. Most of the visible part on high level will be on bridge pieces, just like the NYC High Line, and also as the inspiration for this layout, the City Edge Layout.

Now its holiday time in Norway and tomorrow we will go for camping in some weeks. No building then until I am back home.

The low level tracks printed out on A4-paper and glued together to be used as a guide for tracklaying.

The high level plywood is cut and ready to be installed. In the background you can see the 4 hidden tracks of the station. The 5th track will be in front of the background building. All the missing track will be on a bridge level.

On the low level I have planned an Y. Part of this will be on street level, with low buildings on each side of the road.