I build all my modules using the Norwegian ZMOD Module Standard. During the last years there are many modules available, build by different model railroaders. From time to time we have gatherings where we hook up our modules together and have fun.

The standard module will have a doubletrack running through the module. The interface is 400 mm wide and 100 mm high, with the centerline of the 2 tracks 100 mm in from the front. The distance between the doubletrack is 25 mm. Minimum radius is 195 mm, but I try to use at least 220 mm as minimum radius. The height from floor levet to the tracktop is 127 cm(1270 mm). The length of the module is free, but a length of 1200 mm is fine.

You can read more about the standard on the homepage, zmod.no.

From left: End module, The Crossing, Saguaro River, Silver Creek, End module.

My own modules:

For some years ago, 2004,  I finished the Saguaro River Module. But for some years now I have been out of the hobby, but in 2010 I started to build again, and the Silver Creek module is the first to complete. At the moment, I am busy building my new permanent empire, so the modules will rest for some time.

  1. Saguaro River Module is 2400 mm long, build up of 2 x 1.200 mm long parts. The module is a rivervalley with a hidden 3 track staging connected to the inner track.
  2. The Crossing, a small 1200 mm long module with some houses and some landscaping. The track cross from front to back.
  3. Silver Creek, 1200 mm long with a huge trestle on the front track. The inner track has a smaller bridge. This module also cross from front to back. The module also have a small separate track with a crossing track, running just over and in the Silver Creek Valley, looking up to the mainlaine crossing on the huge trestle. The module was on roadshow in sep. 2012.
  4. The Return module. A 90 degree module, with a returntrack running around a small yard. The module is in construction stage.
  5. Tehachapi Loop module. Tehachapi Loop is one of the most famous trainspotting places. Plans has been available for many years for a freestanding zmod-module With Tehachapi Loop. The old plans can be found here.
    A New, simpler module, is under planning and may be build in the future.
  6. Horseshoe Curve module. Plans for a module from this famous trainspotting place is under planning and may be build in the future.
  7. The DryLand module. 2400 mm long straight module(2 x 1200 mm) featuring a typical scene found around Cajon Pass. Dry riverbed and some rock and dry grass. Only plans so far.
  8. 2 End Modules, only a circel With Interface to the zmod-standard for continues running of Trains. These are build by a zmod-friend.

A Complete setup With all modules could look like this: