The Arduino microcontroller will be used in several projects on the Zity Edge RR.

This page and content is under development.

The main Arduino Mega with the revision 1.0 PCB with the MP3 player, resistors and connectors. Only a few test LED's is connected.The PCB can be used both on Arduino Mega and Arduino UNO.


Some of the functions and animations using Arduino:

  • Arduino # 1(Mega): Lighting of the layout: The main lighting of the layout is with LED-strips, all controlled by an Arduino Mega. Controls also the ligting blink and sound animations. It may be controlled via external buttons, timing or the Virtual Panel. Using the Virtual Panel, I can use the PC and don't need to build any physical buttons to operate the Arduinos. This is the Master Arduino communicating with the other Arduinos using the I2C feature.
  • Arduino # 2(Nano): Background sounds. May also be used for house and street lights.
  • Arduino # 3(Nano): Church light and sound: The layouts church wil have external floodlights and internal lights, and sound with the churchbell activated every hour(fast clock) and with organ and choir sound.
  • Arduino # 4(Nano): Level crossing with working gates, lights and sound, operated by the trains. At least one crossing will have servooperated gates installed, the other only lights and bell sound.
  • Street lights, road crossing light.
  • Street Hazard lights.
  • Ligts in houses.
  • Flashing warning lights on the chimneys on the Powerplant, and red steady lights on some high buildings.
  • Animation lights and sound effects in industry buildings.

And more and more. :-)

The list with be expanded and desriptions will be created.

Different types of Arduinos will be used, Mega, Uno, Nano and Pro Micro, depending on the size of the project.