From Jacobs Creek layout in Z-scale. This layout is now demolished, but a new layout, Zity Edge RR, is under construction.

Here you will find information about different  Z-scale ModelRailroad Projects I have been involved in..
Some of them are more finished than others, and some are under development and others are on hold.
A major part for me in my hobby are to develop new projects and to dream about the ultimate layout, and hopefully build it some day.
And with Z-scale I can have big dreams.

Check out the current project under development, Zity Edge Layout.

Zity Edge Image: Day or Night

Another set of images from Zity Edge Layout. The same scene in daylight and night showing the effect using adresseable LED's to light the different buildings.

Both levels of the layout shown in this images.


Zity Edge Layout by day.


Zity Edge Layout by night.

Zity Edge Image: Zity Moving & Storage


Zity Moving & Storage Company.


Zity Moving & Storage Company is one of the industries on Zity Edge. The building is based on the Ztrack REA Transfer Warehouse kit by Archistories.

The Fuller Paint building is created from a photo, glued on a foam base.

All lights are adresseable LED's, run by an Arduino Microcontroller.

All engines and boxcars are from AZL.

Zity Moving & Storage Company behind the Fuller Paint building(left).


Zity Moving & Storage Company behind the Fuller Paint building(left).

Panorama view of Zity Edge Layout

There have been a great progress the last months on the layout.

Many buildings have been added and they are all now equipped with LED-light, all adresseable and run by an Arduino Mega.

Here a panorama overview of the Zity Edge Layout, both in daylight and by night.

Zity Edge Panorama by day.


City Edge Panorama by night.

Images from Zity Edge

3 different images from Zity Edge Layout, showing some progress. A few homemade trees are installed around the churdch. The cars need paint. Still a lot to do.

A night shot from Zity Edge layout.
The cars need to be painted.
Homemade trees are installed around the church.

Cityline comes to live with lights

The Zity Edge downtown cityline starts to come to live with internal lights in the buildings.

Hundreds of windows are cut out on the facade and glazing are inserted.

54 adresseable WS2812 LED's in the current line, with various colortemperature in the different rooms, including the warning beacons and flashing light on top of the roof. All run by an arduino using the FastLED and MobaLedlib libraries.

The floodlight of the church are installed. More details on the landscape will be installed later.

The ZityEdge downtown cityline starting to come to life with lights in the buildings.


Updated JMRI Switchpanel

An updated version of the JMRI Switchpanel for Zity Edge RR is ready:

Buttons to set all turnouts for the different routes are included on the panel. The "reset" button set all the turnouts in correct position. It's also run at startup of JMRI.

Video #3 from Zity Edge Layout

The first complete testrun on Zity Edge Layout

Finally, I have installed all tracks and the High Line bridge, so I could do a complete testrun.

I took the layout out of the closet and moved it on the table in the livingroom, so I could install and clean all tracks.

Check out the short testvideo #3 from Zity Edge Layout.

Photo from streettrack

A few photos showing the effect of the printed streets and the track in the middle of the road. Engine and car are AZL.

All images are taken with my Nikon D7500, 100ASA, AF-S Nikkor 50mm 1:1.4 G, using Helicon Remote and Helicon Focus, stacking 8-11 shots for each image, to give a good as possible depth of field. 1-4 sec exposuretime.

The only buildings that are plastic kit are the 2 Kibri factories in the front. All other are printed on paper and glued on a 3 mm foambase.

The train entering the Main Street.
The train entering the Main Street.
The train entering the Main Street.
Overview of the scene.

20 buildings erected

The last few weeks there have been a lot of activity. Now, more than 20 buildings have been created in their inital state, still missing roof details and other detailing, but the skyline and the back of the city now starting to find its final shape.

All buildings are created from images, some of my own, some bought from, and some grabbed from Google Street View, with buildings from Chicago, Baltimore and Philadelphia. One building is the Metropolitan Tower in Chicago.

All buildings are build using 3 mm papercard with foambase, kapafix is the brand.

The complete skyline with all 20+ buildings. Still a lot of detailing to be done on the buildings.
The East side of the city.