The goal for the development of the layout, is to create a small freestanding layout, featuring Tehachapi Loop, with a lot of long trains, running in both directions, with automatic crossing in the loop, to be used on exhibitions and for fun. 
It must also be possible to connect the layout to other layouts build after the Norwegian Zmod standard. 

Hidden under the layout, there is a 5 track hidden staging, to let a lot of action to be stored in the staging, ready for action in the loop. 2 tracks on the hidden staging have the same length as the crossing in the loop, allowing trains with up to 35 cars to be run on the layout.

The actual site is Tehachapi loop with the crossing og Tehachapi Creek to be the west limit of the layout and tunnel 10? is the east limit of the layout. The height is a little compressed, because of the maximum grade of 2.5%.

Layout in a glance: 

  • Size: 1600x1100mm
  • Scale: 1:220
  • Max grade: 2.5% in the loop
  • 5 track hidden staging to handle more trains
  • Automatic blockcontrol and automated crossing

Image 1: Layout, visible part, with contour lines

Image 2: All tracklevels with trackheights. Red tracks is the hidden staging and tracks for Zmod connection

Image 3: Lower level of the layout, with the hidden staging.