In 2002 I started the work to expand the old Bjørkli Viduact section with some more sections.

I worked on this layout for several years, but when the Zmod-modules showed up, I put this Section Layout on hold and started to build my first Zmod module, Saguaro River Zmod Layout.

I still have this Old Section Layout, but I do not know when I will start to finish it.

But you can check my archive showing the progress of the 2 new sections on this old Section Layout.


Expandig my Z-scale model railroad with new sections

Parts of the old layout was finished in 1991, like the big trestle. The model is very little, the bridge mainspan is only 20 mm high. The modell of the bridge is scratch-build, using small pieces of wood, a total of more than 1600 pieces of Northlands are used.

Expanding the old layout
There has been no activity on the layout for some years, in spring 2002 the major part of the old layout was destroyed, and planning for e new extension was in work during the winter 2001-2002. The new layout will be with much less track, so the old "spaghetti"-style layout will not be continued. Only the small section (100x60cm) from the old layout, with the big wood trestle, will be saved for the new layout. That part will also be remodeled, with new rock castings, more trees and new colors.
The new layout will be build in at least two stages, the first section will be a complete solution, and it can be extended with another stage, to give even more tracklength to run the nice little trains on.