Here you will find some info about my DCC-system. Its under development.

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Type of system: NCE PowerCab, with the USB Interface
Powersupply used: 12v, 10A Switched mode. Car bulbs used in the powerline to limit the current.

Software: JMRI to run trains and to control the turnouts. Will build CTC-panels for the computer. Check out the CTC-panel.

WiFi Throttle: iPhone WiThrottle and Android EngineDriver.

At home I have my own wireless network, where the PC and phones can connect, when we use the same system on exhibitions with my Silver Creek Zmod Module, we use a standalone wireless router to create our own wireless network.

Decoders, turnouts: Digitrax DS52.

For decoders in the engines from AZL and MicroTrains, I use different types, like:

Digitrax DZ123Z0, TCS Z2, TCS MZA4 and ESU LokSound micro V3.5.

For engines from Märklin I have a few Velmo decoders that I plan to use.

On the reverse loops I use the Digitrax AR1.