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Most of the buildings on the Zity Edge Layout is build using printed images of real buildings.

I have found some of the images online, using sites like, like this Office Buildings Facades, Google Streetview, like the Metropolitan Tower in Chicago overview or streetview style, or this building, or I have used my own images, taken on trips around US and other places. I have also used some local Norwegian buildings that I think can be used on my US-style layout.

Images from sites like are normally ready to use, flat building facades, but I normally edit them, adding more floors, changing number of windows, etc, before I scale them to the correct size, ready to be printed on my color laser printer using 200 gr high quality paper.

Images found on Google Street view normally need a lot of editing, where sevaral images are merged together to create the finished facade. First, I position my view so I have as much of the building in the view, take av printscreen copy, reposition the image and take another copy. All this images are then stretched using the manipulation available in PhotoShop, to create the facade. Several images are then combined together and edited to create the finished facade.

When I photograph buildings by myself, I try to take photos that are so complete as possible, but they must often be combined with several photos to create a clean facade. Unwanted items like trees and poles is removed. Its also possible to change windows, number of floors, etc.

The originalphoto, a small, easy to modify, fascade.
The finished fascade, with lamppole removed, some editing, and the perspective is changed, ready to be used on a model.