I have used the NCE PowerCab as my DCC system until now, but have now installed DCC-EX to run my layout.

You can read on the DCC-EX homepage: "DCC-EX is a team of dedicated enthusiasts producing open source DCC solutions for you to run your complete model railroad layout."

Its a great solution to run DCC on a layout, using Arduino UNO or Arduino Mega with a motorshield and optionally a wifi-shield.

I Use DCC-EX with an Arduino Mega, connected to JMRI and the iPhone WiThrottle using the software EX-CommandStation. Working great, the software is free, and the hardware is cheap. Great!!

I have created my own boxes for the Arduino and the MotorShield. You can find the STL-files on my Cults3D account, if you want to print them yourself.

The EX-CommandStation placed on ZityEdge Layout.


3D-printed boxes with an Arduino UNO with a MotorShield, ready to run trains.