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  • On the road: "Modell & Hobby" exhibition 20-21. November 2004.
  • Action on Saguaro River Zmod Module
  • Trackplan: Saguaro River Zmod Module

The Saguaro River module connected together with the Needle Eye module created by torsja. The modules were set up on the "Modell & Hobby" exhibition on 20-21. November, 2004, in Lillestrøm, Norway.
On the road: "Modell & Hobby" exhibition 20-21. November 2004.

The modules seen from the ear: Needle Eye and Saguaro River. 1200 pixels | 1600 pixels

The proud owners of The Saguaro River Module and the Needle Eye Module, from left, Svein-Martin Holt and Torsja, Tor-Jørgen Moskaug.
Action on Saguaro River Module

See the ZMOD-action (Windows Media format) on Saguaro River Zmod Modules
Z-scale trains on new ZMOD modules
See the longest train ever run on the module.
Length: 4 min 49 sec, 19Mb
Video from "Modell & Hobby" exhibition on 20-21. November 2004 in Lillestrøm, Norway
Modules by Tor-Jørgen Moskaug and Svein-Martin Holt.

Action on Saguaro River
Heavy action on the tracks, crossing the Saguaro River. The Daylight GS4 is heading west with the load of cars, meeting the Santa Fe E8 A+B with a long train with coalhoppers.

The engines are brass models by AZL, American Z-line.


The Trackplan

The module is 240 cm long and 40 cm wide, divided in two equal length parts for easy transportation. In each end, the tracks are set up according to the Zmod standard, a double track with 2.5 cm distance, 10 cm from the edge.
Under the rock surface, there is a hidden 3 track station, connected to one of the tracks. This configuration makes it easy to setup more trains on shows, to give as much action as possible.
The layout is developed using 3rdPlanIt software.

See the 3D view of the layout: The valley with the river and doubletrack action. Can you hear the rumbling between the rockwalls?