It's possible to use a drop in decoder in the new AZL-61011, SD75M and similar models, delivered in 2014.

I already had some TCS Z2 decoders in spare, so I want to use them instead.

I could not find any instructions on the net how to modify the new PCB, so I did some Research myself. Here you can see the result and there may be some info you can use, if you want to install a Z2 decoder with the new PCB in the engine.

There are 6 pads, numbered from 1 to 6 that shall be Connected to the decoder, With the following configuration:

  1. Motor, Orange color
  2. Motor, Grey
  3. Track, Red
  4. Track, Black
  5. Rear Light, White
  6. Front Light, Yellow

Blue wire can be cut(not used).

The PCB topside must be cut in 4 Places, showing in one of the images. I used a Dremel to cut the copper.