Layout room ready for Zity Edge Layout

The tracklaying can start.

The new layout room, a small closet in my new apartement, is now ready and I have installed the benchwork for the layout.

The layout size has also been changed to fit the new space. It would be possible to remove the whole layout and take in out on tour some time. Now the tracklaying can start after some more wood have been installed.

The modified layoutplan with the plywood base drawn. I needed to change the width and length of the layout a few centimeters to fit inside the plywood sheet.

The layout room showing the L-girder beams and the freezer at right. The 0-height of the layout is fixed because the cabinet door for all waterpipes can not be blocked. The same for the cabinet for the electrical circuits, set the height of the upper beams.

Here the 9 mm plywood sheet is cut to correct shape. Below I will glue small beams to stabilize the sheet. It makes a good base for the layout.

The Layout plan placed on the plywood plate.

The 3D-view of the layout from 3rd PlanIt placed on the plywood.