This weekend we are on the road with our Zmod-modules, torsja and myself. Its a long time since last time we have been on the road together.

The place is Hobbymessen 2012, in Horten, Norway. Vendors and other layout will be present, and our Zmod-layout will have 7 modules, running DCC.

Here torsja(right) and myself are ready for the show.

Modules on show: torsja crossing, Saguaro River adn the new Silver Creek module.

Check out the Silver Creek Image Library.

Video from the roadshow:

We have now finished the first day of the show, and have run a lot of trains.

We got some help from 12 year old Erik Bjørnsen from the city of Kongsberg. He worked as a train engineer using his android phone as a throttle. Great help for us.

12 year old Erik Bjørnsen worked as a train engineer for several hours.
He did a great job running trains.