The Demolition of an Empire

The Jakobs Creek Railroad are demolished and destroyed

The Demolition of an Empire

From the last ride and photoshoot.

After 10 years of planning and building of The Jacobs Creek Railroad, it's time to Close one Chapter and open a New Chapter.

The Whole Jacoks Creek Railroad has lost all their Right of Way contracts With the owner of the land, and the only solution is to demolish and destroy the Whole Railroad.

What a shame.

The owner of the land, myself, has started the process of moving with my wife, to a downtown apartement. The space will be limited, so there will be not enough land to create a layout of the same size in the new apartement. But I will have a small closet available, and I have saved all my ZMOD-modules, so there will be some space for modelrailroad modeling in our new home.

There has been a process to come to this final point, the demolition of the layout. It was build in 3 parts, but with all the tracks glued with ballast, there was not possible to save the layout.

The Whole layout loaded in the car, ready for the last ride.

The final destination; The Container.

It took me 7 hours to destroy the layout, tear down all the interior walls in the room and put it in the back of my car to drive to the final destination.

After living 34 years in the same house, there has been a lot of work and time used, to remove and clean everything.

But LIfe goes on, and some other Projects will grow in the dust from Jacobs Creek Railroad.

Enjoy the last photos from the Railroad, from the previous blog post on Jacobs Creek Railroad.

Link to the photoimages of the last photoshoot on the Empire.