Old layout removed, continue on modul

After the old section layout was removed and the room cleaned, the work continue on the modul.

I have molded some rockpieces, and have started to glue them in position.

I have also started the building of the riverbed and glued some rockpieces in the river. A lot of blending work are still to be done.


Demolition Day, The End of a Layout

Tonight I have done some destruction. It has been Demolition Day for my old Section Layout. I has been clear for some time that I never would finish this layout, so after some inspirational work on the design of the plans for a new permanent layout, I got inspiration to remove the old layout. It is in 3 sections, I will save 2 of them, including the old Bjørkli Viaduct. But the middle section is now history.

I save only a small part having a few Wright turnouts, that I will use on the new permanent layout.


The foundation are in place and landscaping in progress

Now all the foundations for the trestle are in place and the work to blend this into the landscape have started. Parts of the landscaping are in good progress. One of the next step will be to glue on some molded rockpieces and also finish the surface of the landscape. The riverbed can also be done soon. The AZL GS4 and the reefers are in action on the trestle.



Some braces installed

The trestle has been setup on a sort of foundation, so the braces can be installed. A few of them are in place on the model. And some equipment are testing the trestle.


All bents mounted on trackbed, upside down

Tonight all the 30(not 29 as earlier sayd) bents have been glued to the underside of the trackbed. I did the job upside down, the trackbed was put on the table over a 1:1 drawing of the bridge. Here I had indicated he positions for all bents and also the height of each bent. Also the deck brigde is installed.

The next step will be to turn the whole bridge around and start to mount the vertical braces. I guess I also need to look at the fundation for the whole trestle. Today is thursday, so the next work will be done after the weekend, in the next week, after some travelling.


Lower level finished, track installed, first run

The lower level of the module is now finished and all the track have been installed.

The first ever run on this new module was done tonight. Not a complete round because the tracks in the yard are not connected to power yet, but the front part has been tested.

All visible parts have got MTL track, hidden part have got some Märklin track and some Peco flextrack. I could have used MTL all over, but I have plenty of the other track and try to use Märklin and Peco in hidden areas.


Check out video:


Deck Bridge finished

Tonight the small Deck Bridge on the trestle is very near completion.

Now all the different part for the trestle is produced, and one of the next step will be to build the frame for the modul.

All 29 bents finished

Now all the 29 bents are finally finished. I needed to wait for an order of Kappler Lumber and the missing lumber arrived yesterday from US. 

For this trestle I need 11 different heights on the bents, in addition to the girder bridge that will cross The Silver Creek Railroad and Silver Creek.

The next step will be to create the girder bridge. The 2 beams are ready.

Trackbed and track in place

Now all the trackbed sections and the track is finished and its rotated 180 degrees and a mirrored drawing is placed on the table as a type of jig. The stringers under the trackbed are glued in position.
Near all of the 29 bents are close to finish. I need some more Northeastern Scale Lumber to finish the work.

Each section of the deck bridge have 3 layers of lasercut wood glued together.

For the coloring of the wood I have used Testor FLOQUIL railtie colors. Very easy to use and I think it give a good result with the color.

Track ready for trackbed

A 1:1 drawing is laid out on the table so the track can be glued to the trackbed section. Between each section I do not remove one tie. That give the track the correct gauge.

The trestle will have 29 bents with different height and a deck bridge to cross the river and the lower track on the module.