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3 new turnouts build

Tonight 3 new turnouts grouped together are finished as one big piece. It will be installed on the west side of the mainstation and hidden station, on the mainline. The woodsleepers are installed, but there are still some gaps that need to be cut at the correct position on the rails.

6 Fast-Track turnouts and Tortoises installed

Tonight I have finished the installation of the 6 homebuild Fast-Track turnouts and the corresponding Tortoise turnout motors on the west entry to the main station.

Actually I cut out a piece of the plywood on the layout where the turnouts should be installed, so I could install the turnouts and motors on my workbench. Much more easy, specially when all this 6 turnouts shall work together and a lot of cutting of track. It would have been much more difficult to install them directly in the right position on the layout.

Installing all sleepers and painting are still to be done.

I think the result will be fine when everything is in place.

Building turnouts

Now I have started to build the turnouts and have finished 1 stright and 1 curved turnout. I am planning to use this on all visible turnouts on the layout. It takes some time, so I must see if I can build all the 12-15 stright I need. For the 10 curved I need, I must build them all, because they are bigger radius than the standard Märklin curved turnout. I use 220mm on both curved tracks. Hopefully they works better than the Märklin turnouts also. I must test that.