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AZL Challenger with DCC and Sound

Check out the first testrun with the Z-scale AZL Challenger equipped with a ESU LokSound micro V 3.5 decoder.

The decoder and the 2 speakers are placed in the tender. Some adjustment are needed; like light intensity and to turn off the coal showling in this oilfired monster. This first testrun was to see how the instrallation and the engine worked. I am satisfied and look forward to to use it in some real action on a bigger layout.

Installation of the LokSound decoder in AZL Challenger

To install the LokSound micro V3.5 decoder and 2 small speakers in the AZL Z-scale Challenger, was a challenge, but it worked out pretty well. I managed to place all in the tender. The inspiration for this, is found in this thread on TrainBoard, where David L in California showed us his conversion.

The hardware is installed, with warm-white LED's for front and rear lamp and also a red and yellow LED's in the drivecab, to simulate the flickering from the burning. Some adjustment in the setting of the lights, etc, are still to be done.

Here some images showing the process: