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Track laying in progress

Near all tracks are installed on the Zity Edge Layout.

No electrical connections have been done yet. On all hidden areas I have used Märklin turnouts with Märklin and Peco flextrack. On a few curves, I have used some Märklin sectional track. On all visible areas I have used Atlas turnouts and Atlas flextrack. I have not used any corkbase under the tracks on this layout, all tracks are glued to the base. A few tracks are attached using spikes.

The current work is to create the elevated doubletrack. The base is cut in 3 mm KapaFix, a paperbased board with 3 mm foam. The development of the columns and beams are in progress. 

Hopefully the images can show some of the progress.

Lower level of track is installed.
The left part of the layout with both levels. 2 turnout actuators are installed on lower level. The actuators are connected to the turnouts using pianowire in a tube. On top level all actuators are still missing.
The base for the elevated doubletrack is finished using a 3 mm KapaFix plate with the drawing of the track glued on. The creating of the columns and beams are in progress.
Both levels installed. Some tracks is still missing, but with some mookup paper buildings the scene is set. Will the city feeling be there finally?
The Low level track plan with the turnout decoders and reverse loop AR1.