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All track and wiring installed on Low level

All tracks, turnouts, motors and electric wiring are installed and working on Low level. All decoders and turnout motors are installed on top of the plywood, because all equipment will be covered by the high level. Access to the equipment will be possible via removable panels.

All the tracks are working well, no derailment in the turnouts. Its time to continue with high level and the installment of turnoutmotors and wiring.

An overwiev of Low level, showing all tracks and turnout motors. Also the 4 turnout decoders DS52, and at the left back, the automatic reverseloop unit AR1 is installed.
From the right part of Low level, showing the 2 turnout decoders DS52 and the engine for the Atlas turnout.
From the left part of Low level, with the 2 turnout decoders DS52 and the automatic reverseloop unit AR1.
The Low level track plan with the turnout decoders and reverse loop AR1.