Posts From December, 2010

3D Sketch of new layout

May be the new layout could look like this?

Here is a rough rendering showing the principle of the layout. On the right, the city building skyline, with relief building along the wall, covering the shadow station on top level. No bridges are installed,  no tunnelportals and no water, but hopefully you will have an idea of how I think it could be.

On the lower level you can see the Tehachapi Loop.Tongue out

Adding Tehachapi Loop to the layout

A new revision. Always new ideas, but that's ok. I love to play with the PC and try different ideas.

After some input from friends on the net about the Loop, I have done some rework on the layout; Removed the shadow station and created a 2 Level Layout, separated by a helix, with a model of Tehachapi Loop in California on lower level, based on my old drawings for a layout for Tehachapi. The Upper level is very similar to the previous version.

Check out the new version.

Major redevelopment of plans

This new version has gone through many major changes. There have also been other revisions of the plans before this last, current plan.
The new plan have the shadowstation back in, and a new top level has been added. Some track have been removed, but it still looks like a spaghetti bowl, if you look at all layers. But if you only look at the visible tracks, it looks better.Smile
Check out the plan here.