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Zmod Roadshow in Horten, Norway, 15-16 sep 2012

This weekend we are on the road with our Zmod-modules, torsja and myself. Its a long time since last time we have been on the road together.

The place is Hobbymessen 2012, in Horten, Norway. Vendors and other layout will be present, and our Zmod-layout will have 7 modules, running DCC.

Here torsja(right) and myself are ready for the show.

Modules on show: torsja crossing, Saguaro River adn the new Silver Creek module.

Check out the Silver Creek Image Library.

Video from the roadshow:

We have now finished the first day of the show, and have run a lot of trains.

We got some help from 12 year old Erik Bjørnsen from the city of Kongsberg. He worked as a train engineer using his android phone as a throttle. Great help for us.

12 year old Erik Bjørnsen worked as a train engineer for several hours.
He did a great job running trains.

NTS 2011, video part 2

Take a new air ride on NTS 2011, now also featuring Golden ~ Blackhawk & Central R.R

Take a new air ride and enjoy more action from some of the Z-scale layouts on NTS 2011, including scenes from Mr. Daves layout, Golden ~ Blackhawk & Central R.R. and 2 soundequipped AZL Challengers i Z-scale.

The video also featuring some more equipment running on the Bay Area Z-scalers (BAZ BoyZ) and Southern California Z-scalers (ZoCal) huge modular layout seen on NTS 2011 in Sacramento, CA, USA.

NTS 2011, video part 1

I was lucky to visit the National Trains Show 2011 (NTS 2011) in Sacramento, CA and enjoyed the show.


Check out my first video from the show, The Z-scale AZL Challenger.

Take an air ride and enjoy this complete main line run taking 16 minutes for one round for this high speed passenger train headed by the sound equipped AZL Challenger i Z-scale. The video featuring the Bay Area Z-scalers (BAZ BoyZ) and Southern California Z-scalers (ZoCal) huge modular layout seen on NTS 2011 in Sacramento, CA, USA.


National Z-scale Convention 2010

National Z-scale Convention 2010, was held 29.04-01.05.2010, in Medford, Oregon, USA.

I was lucky to be there with my good friend torsja and we had 3 wonderful days, meeting many old and new friends and Z-heads.

Here you will find some images taken by me and torsja. Check also out the image gallery and the videos.

Check out a video from my NZC2010 Youtube Playlist 

Eurospoor 2003: The Val Ease Central RailRoad in Z-scale

I was visiting Eurospoor 2003 in Utrecht, Holland on 17-19 october. One of the layout to see on this exhibition, was the Val Ease Central Railroad, and the owner, Jeffrey MacHan.

See the images here: Eurospoor 2003