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Z-weekend 2018

Z and H0e scale models

Check out some images from the Z-weekend 2018 in Oslo, Norway


Silver Creek

Silver Creek is a Zmod-module build by Svein-Martin Holt,


Moffat East Tunnel and Caliente 

Moffat East Tunnel and Caliente are two small exhibition layouts in Z-scale, build by Karl Sinn for Hans Riddervold from American Z-line.


Needle Eye

Needle Eye is a Zmod-module build by Tor Jørgen Moskaug(torsja).


Urskog-Hølandsbanen H0e

Urskog-Hølandsbanen is a module layout based on a Norwegian railline, build in H0e by Christer Ritterberg and Knut Kittelsen. All the engines are developed and sold by Hans Riddervold.

About Us

In the weekend of 17. nov 2018, Karl Sinn, Torsja Moskaug, Svein-Martin Holt and Hans Riddervold exhibited the following layouts: Needle Eye, Silver Creek, East and West of Caliente and Moffat East Portal.
We also have the H0e layout: Urskog-Hølandsbanen present with Christer Ritterberg and Knut Kittelsen.

All images by Svein-Martin Holt,